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Craig Valli has over 35 years experience in the computing, information and communication technology industry.

Craig conducts research and consults to industry and government on cyber security and digital forensics matters. Along with being the inaugural Director of the Edith Cowan University (ECU) Security Research Institute, he was a Professor of Digital Forensics, former Director of the Australian Computer Society Centre of Expertise in Security at ECU. Prior to his work in the tertiary sector he was in the secondary sector from 1988 -1998 and in 1994-1995 was a co-owner of one of the first initial ISPs in Perth, Global Data Access.

Craig has over 150 peer reviewed academic publications in cyber security and digital forensics. Craig was the founder and Chair of the Australian Digital Forensics Conference 2002-2018. Craig was also the research director and lead academic for Australian Cyber Security Research Institute that resulted in the AU$140 million Cyber Security Co-operative Research Centre (CSCRC) that is now headquartered at ECU Joondalup Campus.

Craig was the inventor and designer of the initial system that has become Sapien Cyber, in 2016 ECU partnered with Jindalee Partners to commercialise the invention. He has led or been involved in numerous research grants representing over 5 million dollars value during his academic career including 4 European Union grants one of which was the prestigious Marie Curie PhD Fellowships program.

Craig was a member of the INTERPOL Cyber Crime Experts Group and also INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group. Currently is a member of AISA and IEEE and is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

One of Craig’s greatest strengths is his ability to convey highly technical information to a wide variety of audiences across multi-disciplinary fields and jurisdictions. The collaborations in which he engages canvass policy, strategy and technical developments and inputs to achieve better outcomes at a local, national and international level.

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Dr. Martinus has the highest level of expertise in the co-ordination and execution of strategies particularly with respect to mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Dr. Martinus is an economic development and trade and investment specialist with extensive government and private sector experience in economic development, ICT investment management, cybersecurity commercialization and market development, international education and training, as well as technology transfer. A strong focus of his work has been in strategy design and go-to-market execution. 


Dr. Martinus has the highest level of expertise in the co-ordination and execution of strategies particularly with respect to mutually beneficial partnerships. He is a current and active board member of Economic Development Australia (EDAWA) & was accepted (2017) as an ‘Australian Certified Economic Developer and scholarship winner of EDA professional development study tour to North America 2017. 


Dr. Martinus has managed trade and investment implementations in the Marshall Islands, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, for former Soviet countries, Indonesia and within the public and private sectors in the United States, Japan and Australia. He has extensive South-East and North-Asian experience with Japanese companies including Tokyu Corporation (JV) and Sekisui House. His highly developed analytical skills and superior presentation and writing skills position him as one of Australia’s leading economic development practitioners with intimate knowledge and networks among private Asian corporations in the areas of capital management, ICT investment, urban development, health and life sciences. 


As Director of the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub, he actively promoted cyber security as a hyper growth job creator and intellectual property opportunity for Australian export development. He completed a South Australian government economic impact assessment of the cybersecurity industry (August 2021) and is passionate about Indigenous and ethnic groups having access to, and an understanding of, cyber.

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